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CupWasher Premium Glass Rinser

CupWasher Premium Glass Rinser

CupWasher Premium Glass Rinser

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Super Quick cleaning

Press the cup opening down onto the bottom of the cup, and our Cupwasher™ will clean your cup in seconds

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Keep your cups, mugs, bottles, and much more clean with our Premium CupWasher. It's high quality, powerful and reusable, so you'll never have to waste time again.


Our Cupwasher™ has the principle of a high-pressure washer. Powerful water jets rinse out residues thoroughly in seconds.

This is a semi-automatic cup washer, easy to operate with one hand, just press the high-pressure nozzle with the head down.

It can be connected to a hot or cold water pipe. Widely suitable for kitchen, commercial, and household bars. Installs in a standard worktop/basin hole.

Opening diameter: approx. 2.2cm.

Material: aluminum alloy sink + stainless steel + ABS plastic cup holder.

What is included

1 x Bottle washer
1 x three-way connector
1 x water pipe

High-quality materials

The inside of our Cupwasher™ is made of high-quality refined copper, and the outer casing is made of high-quality stainless steel with the ABS plastic cup holder. Our brass parts and stainless steel body for durability and stability, prevent corrosion and aging.

Quick cleaning

Gently press the cup opening down onto the bottom of the cup, and our Cupwasher™ will automatically spray water for cleaning. With each use, the subtle overhang leads the flow of water to the countertop for easy cleaning.

The multi-angle water outlet cleaning head ensures multi-angle cleaning and saves time and effort. The powerful water jet of the Cupwasher™ can rinse your cups in seconds, so your cups are as bright as new.

Easy installation

the recommended opening diameter is approx 2.3 cm, Which can be installed on the desk or in the sink. No plumber is needed. Install our automatic glass rinse yourself in minutes.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Brycen Grant

It came as it should, the goods are super

Sophie Hane

It came in time still needs to be tested in my next comment I'll tell you how it went with the product so I get well packaged

Laila Abernathy

1/2 pipe. It works perfectly with 3 diagonal jets that clean the whole glass. And the platform runs the water very well.

Jalyn Eichmann

CupWasher Premium Glass Rinser

Monty Kutch

In Rostov-on-Don came quickly. I will put and try as it is, meets expectations.

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